Exploring Mark – a series on the Gospel of Mark with Fr Nicholas King SJ

Image result for gospel of mark lionThe Gospel According to St Mark is the shortest of the four gospels but often tells of Jesus’ ministry in more detail.
A short series of video reflections, ‘Exploring Mark’, aims to bring us a little closer to Mark the Evangelist and his account of Jesus, his life and his ministry.
The commentary is provided by Fr Nicholas King SJ,  eminent author and Bible scholar, who offers his insights into particular areas of Mark’s Gospel.
Seven videos are available for use by individuals, groups and communities to accompany us in our renewed reading of the Gospel of St Mark through this liturgical year (2017-18, Year B).

Gospel of Mark Introduction
Exploring Mark – An Introduction

by Fr Christopher Whitehead, who leads the Department of Adult Education and Evangelisation for Clifton Diocese.

Exploring Mark – Question and Answer
Setting the scene, with Fr Nicholas King SJ.

Exploring Mark 1 – The Beginning of the Good News
of Jesus, Messiah, Son of God.

Gospel of Mark 2
Exploring Mark 2 – The Jesus of Mark’s Gospel
Fr Nicholas King SJ examines the question ‘who is the Jesus of Mark’s Gospel?’

Gospel of Mark 3
Exploring Mark 3 – The Cross and Resurrection

Gospel of Mark 4
Exploring Mark 4 – Women in Mark’s Gospel

Nicholas King SJ talks to us about the women in Mark’s Gospel and their encounters with Jesus.

Gospel of Mark 5
Exploring Mark 5 – Mark’s Strange Ending
Nicholas King SJ concludes the series by looking at what he calls Mark’s strange ending.

(Videos produced by the Catholic Church in England and Wales in collaboration with Clifton Diocese.)

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