Study Guide: Catholic Liturgy

SCM Studyguide: Catholic LiturgyWritten by liturgists – pastoral and academic – including our own Fr Jonathan How, this study guide offers an introduction to Catholic Liturgy. Covering the history, content and debates around the use of liturgy in the Catholic church, each chapter includes points for reflection, end of chapter questions, and an indication of further reading.
This is a wonderful, very accessible resource for all who are involved or interested in liturgy, for individual reading or group discussion. It would also be useful for those studying for the CCRS. At a time when Pope Francis and Bishop Richard are stressing the importance of formation, this book is very welcome.
Further information on prices (including bulk discounts) here. It is also available on Amazon (possibly more cheaply!).


Part 1 Principles of Catholic Liturgy
1. The Roman Rite – Peter McGrail
2. Catholic Theology of the Liturgy – Peter McGrail
3. Fundamentals of Liturgy – Martin Foster

Part 2 The Sacraments
4. Catholic Sacramental Theology – Richard Conrad, OP
5. Christian Initiation of Adults – Caroline Dollard and Peter McGrail
6. Christian Initiation of Children – Caroline Dollard
7. The Celebration of the Eucharist – Stephen Dean and Martin Foster
8. The Theology of the Holy Eucharist – Richard Conrad, OP
9. Sacraments at the Service of Communion – Martin Foster and Peter McGrail
10. Sacraments of Healing – Martin Foster and Peter McGrail

Part 3 Beyond the Sacraments
11. Funerals – Andrew Downie
12. Times and Seasons – Jonathan How and Martin Foster

Further Reading

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