The power of the creative Word of God – a series of talks

Lectionary & candlesIn this Year of the Word, join us for a series of talks by Fr Tony Milner in the parish hall of St Joseph’s Church, Falkland Grove, Dorking, RH4 3DL. The talks start at 8.00pm.
27th February: Genesis 1-11, God’s Word and Creation
26th March: The Gospel of John, focusing on the Lent readings
23th April: The Acts of the Apostles, living the Resurrection
21th May: Who were the Prophets? Messengers of God’s Word

In the story of the Raising of Lazarus, which we hear on the 5th Sunday of Lent, it is through the power of Jesus’ word – “Lazarus come out” – that Lazarus is raised from the dead. This echoes the power of the creative Word of God in creation that we find in the opening chapters of Genesis. And it is in that power, and filled with the Spirit, that the apostles go out and proclaim the Gospel, and the prophets admonish and cajole God’s people. In reflecting on this, we will come to see the power of the Word of God in our own time and our own lives.

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