New Lectionary for England and Wales (possibly in 2022)

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales have announced that a new edition of the Lectionary is being prepared. Archbishop George Stack, the chair of the Department of Christian Life and Worship, which is leading the project, described it as “a gift to the Church in England and Wales,” saying that the new Lectionary “will deepen the understanding and love of the scriptures by the People of God.”

The most significant change from the 1981 Lectionary currently in use is that rather than following Jerusalem Bible and Grail Psalms, the new edition of the Lectionary will use the Catholic Edition of the English Standard Version (ESV) and an updated translation of the Grail Psalms called the Abbey Psalms and Canticles.

This article is continued at the Catholic Herald site.
For more details, see the Bishops’ Conference site.

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