“What Good News” website

What Good News logoThe Christian message is good news. That is essentially what ‘gospel’ means. Our reaction as believers to the message of Jesus, and that of millions of people throughout the last two thousand years, has been one of gratitude. With the apostle Paul we pray: ‘May the word of Christ in all its richness find a home in you.’ (Colossians 3:16)

What Good News” contains an extensive collection of audio and video recordings of study days and faith talks. A specific section preserves the series of talks on the Second Vatican Council. Its teachings are as vibrant as ever and make enlightening reading when we ask how we should live as Christian disciples in the twenty-first century. Pope Francis continues to put before us the teaching of the Council, and to adapt it for changing and difficult times.

Fr Adrian Graffy, Scripture scholar and parish priest, who directs the website, has provided a series of reflections on the Sunday gospels from the Catholic Lectionary in the three year cycle.

In recent times some of the material has been given with no audience present, filmed or recorded privately, or live-streamed. It is hoped that by constant addition of new material the website will help people understand more about the Christian faith. It may well stimulate further questioning and searching. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would lead us ‘to the fullness of truth’.

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