Vatican produces liturgical rite for institution of catechists

sermon-on-the-mount-by-fra-angelico-c1440The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, the Vatican’s liturgy office, today published a rite and guidelines for institution to the ministry of catechist. The rite is a liturgical ritual by which the role of catechist is conferred.

Pope Francis created the lay ministry of catechist in May with the release of the motu proprio Antiquum ministerium (“Ancient ministry”), which emphasised the importance of the role of the catechist in history and today for transmitting the Catholic faith. He has now approved and published an Editio typica (typical edition) that introduces a specific Rite of Institution of Catechists. This is the base text in Latin that will be translated and adapted by the various Bishops’ Conferences around the world.

In a letter to bishops published with the new rite, the Congregations’s Prefect, Archbishop Arthur Roche, explained that catechist is a lay ministry distinct from the ordained priesthood, but that catechists, “by virtue of their Baptism, are called to be co-responsible in the local Church for the proclamation and transmission of the faith, carrying out this role in collaboration with the ordained ministers and under their guidance.” He also said that “the publication of the Rite of Institution of Catechists offers a further opportunity for reflection on the theology of ministries…”

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