Celebration of old rite: Holy See responds to questions presented by bishops

ostia calice eucaristia comunione Santa MessaIn a communication addressed to the presidents of bishops’ conferences around the world, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments has responded to a series of dubia concerning restrictions on the use of the liturgical rites that antedated the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council.

Eleven dubia have been raised regarding the application of the Motu proprio Traditionis custodes through which in July 2021 Pope Francis promulgated new norms regarding the use of the liturgical books in use prior to the reform enacted by the Second Vatican Council. Published today on the Congregation for Divine Worship’s web site are those dubia received from the Bishops and the Dicastery’s responsa to the most recurring questions approved by the Pope that clarify some points of the Motu proprio. Each response is accompanied by explanations.

The dubia and responsa are themselves accompanied by a letter to the presidents of the Episcopal Conferences from the Prefect of the Congregation, Archbishop Arthur Roche, who explains the direction taken: “Every prescribed norm has always the sole purpose of preserving the gift of ecclesial communion by walking together, with conviction of mind and heart, in the direction indicated by the Holy Father”.

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