Pope Francis issues major document on liturgical formation – Desiderio Desideravi

Watch: Pope Francis delivers Palm Sunday Angelus | EuronewsThe Pope has written an Apostolic Letter on the liturgy, to encourage a “serious and dynamic liturgical formation”, urging the Church as a whole to focus more intently on the beauty and power of the reformed liturgy.
Published on 29th June, Desiderio Desideravi: On the Liturgical Formation of the People of God recalls the importance of Vatican II’s constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium, which led to the rediscovery of the theological understanding of the liturgy. The Letter reaffirms the importance of ecclesial communion around the rite that emerged from the post-conciliar liturgical reform.
It is not a new instruction or a directive with specific norms, but rather a meditation on understanding the beauty of liturgical celebration and its role in evangelisation. It also speaks of the liturgy guaranteeing the possibility of an encounter with Christ.
It concludes with an appeal: “Let us abandon our polemics to listen together to what the Spirit is saying to the Church. Let us safeguard our communion. Let us continue to be astonished at the beauty of the Liturgy. The Paschal Mystery has been given to us. Let us allow ourselves to be embraced by the desire that the Lord continues to have to eat His Passover with us.”Read reports from Vatican News, PrayTell blog, The Tablet.
In this short video, Fr John Badovin SJ unpacks the meaning of the Letter.

Amongst other resources, on this site and elsewhere, this is a simple and useful document for an initial reflection on lay ministry, including the role of the liturgical assembly.

See this page on the Liturgy Office site for links to several formation resources,
and this page for resources for ministry groups, including the assembly.

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